If the name Mark Rath rings a bell, it's probably because sometime during the last 30 years you've bought or sold a house with me. If you haven't heard of me "Hello I'm Mark Rath”. I like doing things a little differently and attracting attention on your behalf, after all that's what an estate agent is supposed to do!

We have a bright stylish new 'High Street' office with some of the most up to date window display technology, computer and software systems ensuring that your property is comprehensively advertised and efficiently uploaded onto the and websites.

My knowledge and connections will ensure that your move goes exactly to plan. If you want the attention and level of service that only the man with his name above the front door can offer then please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Why not visit my new office at 24 Denmark Street, Wokingham for some freshly squeezed advice.

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